GXChain Projects Progress Report Jan. 9th, 2019 — Jan. 15th, 2019

Products Development


• Develops the calling of GXChain‘s design across contracts, coding progress 50 %
• Witness_node adds db API, producing snapshots of nodes


• Celebrates the first anniversary of BlockCity
• Tests Huoqitong 2.0 and will launch the 2.0 version soon
• Transfers smart contract to GXChain wallet


• Fixes the bug of sdk encoding Chinese character

Smart Contract IDE

• Account page adds hedge and display of GXChain node deposit
• GXChainTrustNode candidate set adds display of deposit
• GXChain candidate TrustNode candidate API adds deposit fields


• BlockCity completed the anniversary “Message & Warm” activity. BlockCity residents shared their memories in the community.

• On January 10th, 2019, Xiaopeng Xu, the Director of Operations at GXChain organized anniversary party. Xu shared BlockCity’s development in the past year and what will propel GXChain’s development in the future.

• BlockCity anniversary lottery is ongoing. The lottery mini program will automatically notify the participants.

• On January 11th, 2019, GXChain core team had “GXChain Consensus” with elected TrustNodes. TrustNodes discussed Developer Friendly Project, incentive package, and the future plans.

• GXChain officially launched Developer Friendly Project. GXChain Foundation invested I million GXC to develop community in the long run. GXChain hopes to create an active community where developers could actively participate in the GXChain’s development and governance and then improve GXChain community.


• GXChain became one of the first strategic partners for the blockchain branch of the China Group Companies Association (CGCA) and was invited to attend the 2019 meeting. This cooperation helps GXChain to implement national blockchain’s development in synch and gain competitiveness in blockchain industry. And it could promote the establishment of credibility, standards, and policy in the blockchain industry. It can also help traditional industry embrace blockchain technology.

• GXChain attended 2019 Innovative Finance Conference held by 01Caijing. GXChain discussed with guests on the blockchain technology applied in finance, banking, internet finance, etc. The deepened cooperation brings more opportunities for business case development.

• GXChain will organize GXChain Global Meetups in New York City (Jan. 17) and Boston (Jan. 21). Minqiang Huang, the founder and CEO of GXChain, and Yayun Fan, the COO of GXChain will attend the two GXChain social nights. The meetups aim to increase GXChain’s influence among cryptocurrency fans and blockchain developers. What’s more, GXChain TrustNode Voting Campaign and the future GXChain Ecosystem will also be discussed.

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