GXChain Projects Progress Report Nov 10th — Nov 16th

Products Development


• Finishes the coding for TrustNode staking mechanism.
• Finishes update functions for GXChain smart contract.
• Optimizes smart contract API library.
• Optimizes GXChain technical documents.


• Finishes development of Blockcity Global version.
• Launches 11/11 campaigns.


• Optimizes broadcast API.
• Upgrades dependency modules.


• Adds GXChain TrustNode election terms and conditions.


• Blockcity 11/11 to win Bitcoin campaign is live, everyone could group 3 times per day and win up to 88GXC rewards.

• GXChain Academy is live! Participants could win in a total of 2000 GXC reward when they study and pass the “exams”.

• Minqiang Huang, Founder and CEO of GXChain, attend TokenClub and illustrate the details for GXChain TrustNode election. The audience reaches 120K during the live streaming.

• Blockcity mini-app development competition is undergoing its final stage, to date, we received 598 developer applications and 78 companies passed our reviews. In addition, 288 apps are under GXChain sandbox environment, and 121 of them submitted for review. We approved 12 apps to operate at Blockcity.


• GXChain was invited to “The World’s Fifth Internet Conference” and presented the current commercialization status of blockchain-based applications.

• GXChain was build collaboration with World Blockchain Forum, the forum has great influence in the blockchain industry.

• GXChain was invited to conference “Blockchain, Token Economy, and Financial Market” hold by Fordham University. We showed GXC token economy and applications.

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