GXChain Projects Progress Report Nov 26th - Dec 6th

Products Development


• Finishes test the new version of GXChain.
• Adds new APIs for GXChain smart contract public library.
• Fixes get_required_fees in DB API.
• Optimizes technical documents of GXChain.

Mobile Wallet & Blockcity

• Launches TrustNode election.


• Adds to Google Chrome Extension.
• Adds Gscatterjs-core for developers.
• Adds voting function.
• Adds requiredField feature.
• Bug fixes and optimization.

Operations and Branding

• TrustNode Election Campaign begins! One can vote through web wallet, mobile wallets, and through Blockcity.

• GXChain TrustNode Election — -Value100 Event in WeChain is live, we are glad to have many leaders in blockchain community to share their strategy to expand and improve GXChain projects.

• Two more restaurants in Qingdao and Hangzhou which support GXC payment.

• Blockcity developer boost campaign is live, we just select several hot apps in Blockcity and trying to help them move further.

• GXChain was invited to Edaily Blockchain Forum 2018 and present titled “Data economy on Blockchain — the development of the public blockchain ecosystem”. This presentation elaborated our visions, missions, and accomplishments.

• Minqiang Huang, Founder and CEO of GXChain, was interviewed by many Korea media, including Edaily, Global Economy Times, Blockdaily, Dbit, CoinSosic.com. He introduced our current status in Korea market.

• Yunpeng Ding, Global Business Development Director of GXChain, participated “New York City Fintech &Blockchain meetup” in Skylark. More than 200 investors and project leads participated in the event, including Galaxy Digital, Pantera Capital, ConsenSys, Ethereum, EOS, Morgan Stanley, FBG Capital, Huobi, Gemini, Circle, Bibox, Permission Fund, SMC Capital, CNBC and Marto Capital. Topics including STO, Stable Token, and current blockchain invest trends.

• GXChain held Blockchain Entrepreneurship and Technical Forum at Boston University. We invited Dennis, CEO and Full-stack developer of VitaData, and Charles, Partner of SparkBlockchain, and Tony, CEO and Founder of 3rdex to share their thoughts in dApp commercialization, startup opportunity, and TrustNodes Election Campaign.

• GXChain was invited to “Financial reform 40 Years Anniversary Summit” held by 01caijing.com. We discussed financial reform history, changes and future trends, especially expressed our view on how blockchain technology could help the sound development of the financial industry.

• GXChain was invited to the Annual meeting of Computer Science department of Zhejiang University of Technology, as one of the industry collaboration committees. We will help the talent training of the department, especially in the Fintech and blockchain field.

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