GXChain Projects Progress Report Oct 25th- Nov 1st

Products Development


• Finishes designing of multiple programming language support.
• Improves technical documents for GXChain smart contract.
• Optimizes Witness plug-in.
• Optimizes codes and bug fixes.


• Blockcity 2.0.0 now downloadable at Android and Apple appstore, features more APIs for developers.
• Adds Gift card function.
• Optimizes user interfaces.


• Adds searching API for smart contract lists and database
• Adds examples for APIs.

Operations and Branding

• To date, 257 dApps are developing under GXChain platforms, including 78 submitted and under review.
• Last week, Liyu Wu, product director of GXChain, presented “How to Develop and Launch dApps at GXChain” to our developer community.
• GXChain Whitepaper 3.0 reading campaign finished, we got more than 600000 reading frequencies, and sent out 5188 GXS rewards.
• New user campaign currently lives at Blockcity, people could participate in the campaign and win up to 88 GXS.
• Minqiang Huang, Founder and CEO of GXChain was interviewed by 8BTC.com, he introduced the history of GXChain and elaborated our visions and missions.
• GXChain was invited to “Hashing Minds Forum” hold by Fintech Organization of Zhejiang Province. We shared our thoughts and insights into blockchain security, cross-chain, high-frequency trading, and hardware infrastructures.
• GXChain was invited to “Blockchain applications and securities meetup” hold by Jiyan. The successful commercialization of GXChain sets examples for blockchain industry in China.
• GXChain was invited to “Data circulation and tax reform under data economy era” hold by The big data technology organization of Zhejiang Province. We expressed our thought on the legitimate and secure utilization of data.

GXChain Academy

**GXChain Virtual Machine: ** is the environment for GXChain smart contracts, the first version will support EOS smart contract based on WebAssembly.

Data Exchange Service(DES): is a service for data exchange, based on GXChain. DES support smart contract, which supports tri-party agreement for bookkeeping, and a peer to peer data exchange protocol based on IPFS.

Blockchain as a Service(BaaS): encapsulation a lot blockchain system API to provide simple and handy service.

GXChain BaaS: Smart contract services on GXChain, including triple-entry bookkeeping, data storage, and proof of existence, which could apply for copyright registration, electronic proof of existence, etc. This technology combines the advantages of data storage capability of IPFS and high-throughput capability of GXChain.

Blockcity Pay: supports all cryptocurrency in Blockcity as a payment for services.

Find Us:

Website: gxs.gxb.io/en/
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/GXS/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GXChain/
Twitter: twitter.com/gongxinbao
Medium: https://medium.com/@GXS
Telegram: t.me/GXB_International
Github: github.com/gxchain/
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GXS Trading platforms: https://medium.com/@gongxinbao/marketplace-to-trade-gxs-march-20th-2018-f27926110824