GXS Projects Progress Report Sept 18th — 27th

Products Development


GXChain smart contract is open source now, we will continuously optimize it as well.
• Adds transactions related APIs.
• Finalized technical documents.
• Optimizes block replay algorithms.

Blockcity & GXS wallets

• Launches “team mining” campaign.
• Finishes development of mini-app frame DEMO.
• Adds development capacity API.

Light Wallet

• Upgrades gxbjs.
• Assign default transactions fee to category 1.3.1.
• Supports GXChain assets deposits and withdraw.

GXChain Community

• Finishes development of gxchain.org, next version is under development.


• GXChain was invited to “2018 Hangzhou Yunxi close door conference”.

• Mini-app development competition live! Currently, we got 275 developers registered and 92 applications under development.

• First round of GXChain community design competition ended! We will send out the reward in 3 days. To date, the received ~200 products.

• Community developer “moon”, who developed “coin helper” at Blockcity, made a presentation for GXChain community to share his experience and thoughts on blockchain app development.

• Minqiang Huang, Founder and CEO of GXChain, participated “Huobi Leader” competition and his team entered the final match.

• GXChain was elected as the committee member of Global Graphene Blockchain Application Center (GBAC). In the meantime, we are thrilled that our blockchain core developer, Liting Zhu was also hired as technology advisor by GBAC.

GXChain Academy

**GXChain Virtual Machine: ** is the environment for GXChain smart contracts, the first version will support EOS smart contract based on WebAssembly.

Data Exchange Service(DES): is a service for data exchange, based on GXChain. DES support smart contract, which supports tri-party agreement for bookkeeping, and a peer to peer data exchange protocol based on IPFS.

Blockchain as a Service(BaaS): encapsulation a lot blockchain system API to provide simple and handy service.

GXChain BaaS: Smart contract services on GXChain, including triple-entry bookkeeping, data storage, and proof of existence, which could apply for copyright registration, electronic proof of existence, etc. This technology combines the advantages of data storage capability of IPFS and high-throughput capability of GXChain.

Blockcity Pay: supports all cryptocurrency in Blockcity as a payment for services.

Find Us:

Website: gxs.gxb.io/en/
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/GXS/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GXChain/
Twitter: twitter.com/gongxinbao
Medium: https://medium.com/@GXS
Telegram: t.me/GXB_International
Github: github.com/gxchain/
Block Explorer: block.gxb.io/#/
GXS Trading platforms: https://medium.com/@gongxinbao/marketplace-to-trade-gxs-march-20th-2018-f27926110824