A strong blockchain is not only equipped with features of high throughput and transparency. It’s must also be robust and resilient, with high security. Security issues can be seen as pain point of blockchain systems but also one of the strongest requirements for blockchain to be adopted in the other industries.

To ensure REI’s blockchain is highly secure and resilient, we are excited to launch REI’s second iteration of bounty programs: The REI Mainnet Bug Bounty Program.

What is the REI Mainnet Bug Bounty Program for?

The REI Mainnet bug bounty is a bug bounty program launched by the REI developer’s community and invites developers from worldwide to help…

Dear users and developers:

The progress of REI would not have been possible without your support. In order to upgrade its management and improve its performance, the election of REI nodes will be carried out.

Why do we need Node Election?

The on-chain governance is It is an extremely important part of public chain governance. Therefore…

Progress Report Spet.29-Oct.11

A. Product Development Progress

  • GXChain2.0
    -Implement state machine @70%
    -Add a new network communication protocol to the consensus node election logic @20%
    -Implement new scheduling logic @10%
  • 2.0 block explorer
    -Staking page development @80%
  • GXChain Wallet 2.0
    -iOS has passed AppStore review and will be released recently

B. Operational Progress

Progress Report Spet.22-Spet.28

A. Product development progress


  • Consensus module transformation (Tendermint) @20%

-Wallet 2.0

  • Web3 Plugin development, support Ethereum Parachain Dapp @80%
  • 2.0 block explorer
  • Staking page development @60%

B. Operational Progress

  • CV advanced live broadcast teaching was conducted last week. During the live broadcast, we introduced in detail the operation of the NFT suit and the later development of the meta-universe…

Progress Report Spet.15-Spet.21

A. Development Progress

  • GXChain2.0
    Implement contract-fee logic @100%
    Improve free-staking test cases @100%
    Consensus module transformation @10%
  • Wallet 2.0
    Web3 Plugin development, support Ethereum Parachain Dapp @70%
    DApps interface docking @100%
    Dapp news list gets news content in different regions according to different languages ​​@100%
    Optimize the content display of the pop-up permission…

REI Network

REI Network is a lightweight, EVM-compatible, high-performance, and gas-free public chain.

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