Block Class

I was sitting in BNA waiting for my flight. Probably people watching to be exact. While I was in the middle of a conversation with a stranger, Mike called. He said Morg was leaving for NY. Upstate to be exact. So he put her on the phone. We talked for a little, then the conversation ended with, “I’m coming over later to say goodbye.”

*Boards flight*

While I was on my way to “Memory Lane” , I had the biggest urge to listen to ‘The Colour In Anything.” (I love that album)

I walked into the house and realized it was a “thing.” Like everyone was there.

*I’ll see you when I see you Morg*

Before leaving the house, Mom texted me and asked if I was back in New Jersey. I replied with my Apple Watch.

The next morning I was back in my routine. (I hate using that word, “Routine”. It scares me.) Made my bed, brushed my teeth, you know, the routine. Then it was off to the gym.

I couldn’t really focus while I was at the gym. I had a lot on my mind. My “To do list” seems to keep growing, plus I was thinking about people I had to call back/follow up with.

  • I told Cole D. I would go visit him and the family. That hasn’t happen.
  • I told KB I MIGHT come visit him today, even though I knew it was unrealistic. That’s OK though KB, I’ll meet you in the Bay.
  • And finally, I had the editing of this manuscript on my mind

While all that was happening, I got a text from Andrew O. He said meet him at the field at 3pm. Ten minutes after that I got another text from Nick D. to meet him at that same field at 11:30am. I thought about not committing to both invitations, but then I thought, “Just Go, its nice out.”

*Fast forward*

I facetimed Coach Nof. He didn’t answer. I facetimed Will B. He didn’t answer. I facetimed Christian D. He didn’t answer. I facetimed Andrew O. (The other Andrew O. , not the one from the field) He answered.

*Took a quick ducha*

While in transit, I called Vinn. He surprisingly answered. (He never answers). I told him I’m going to make it a priority to come visit soon. Since the move, I never see him anymore, and that's my brother.

*Luke lost his wallet*

Moms mad at Luke for losing his wallet, but a call from Rocco temporarily brings her to serenity. I grab the phone and have a quick convo with my little bro. He said he’s in a block class (3 hour class) at the moment, but has a 15 minute break. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was writing this. I then told him he’d be in it.