Out of Sight, Out of Mind

We all have that friend or family member we want to call but never seem to get to it. Why is that? Why don’t we follow through? I mean now a days its as simple as even hitting a button and we’ll get them on the other line. Shoot, we can even face-time them now. But what excuse do you tell yourself that prevents that call? Is it, “ You know what, they’re probably busy right now, I’ll call later.” Except there is no later, and you already knew there wasn’t.

So what is it, what holds us back? I don’t have the answers for all of you but I know this runs through so many peoples head. I use to use the same excuse for not connecting with friends and family I haven’t seen in a while. Then I really came to the understanding that at any given moment anyone could be taken from this earth. I wasn’t pitying myself to call loved ones, it was more like I wanted to make sure they knew I’ll never forget them and I appreciate them while they’re here.

As I’m getting older, I feel time moving faster. After college many of my friends and family spread out across the country which made it harder to connect with them. Time zones, distance, and different career paths separated us. Initially we had a couple group chats going that kept us connected. That’s starting to die down though because no one likes their phone going crazy due to a group chat convo while they’re at work. Well, sometimes they do if they need a distraction but you know what I mean.

Right now work seems to be everyone's biggest excuse for the lack of communication. I kind of understand that but not completely because my career path hasn’t been as traditional as most people so far. Even when I am busy, I still find time to reach out, or at least I do my best to.

And please understand that I’m not perfect. I’m not saying that out of all my friends I’m the only one that makes an effort to stay connected. But I am saying at times it may seem that way. And I’m not mad at that, I guess I just wish others made the same effort that’s all. But you know what, that’s life. People operate differently and I get that. There are more variables in life now. Class, Papers, and practice have been substituted with bills, work, and traffic.

To those who know me well, expect one of those random Facetime calls on a Tuesday at 2:30pm just because. You all know I really don’t forget much, and I love checking in. To those who I’ve visited so far this year, I had a great time and loved our time spent together. To those I haven’t visited yet, I’m on my way, I’m booking my flight right now.

I made a promise to myself a while back to follow through with things. One of those things was to never let the saying, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” come to fruition because I think that saying is bullshit. If you make the effort to be in someones life, they won’t be out of sight for to long and never out of mind if they’re important enough to you.

Peace and Blessings you’ll.