70 tools no remote employee should do without

Artem Gladkikh
Jan 5, 2016 · 4 min read

This article features 70 most popular tools used by remote employees all around the world. These resources will help you organize your work, verify your employer and assess the possibility of future cooperation.

Choosing and verifying your employer

You have received a job offer. It doesn’t matter how or which resource the potential employer refers to — you need to run a careful verification. To make sure that the employer is conscientious start with reading feedbacks at specialized portals. Here are some of the most popular ones:


After running this verification it makes sense to examine the activity of your employer at freelance websites. Make sure to check out these resources:


Setting up payment level

Before discussing terms and payment you should do a little research to find out how much specialists like you earn in the employer’s area. To monitor payment levels consider using websites that host remote job offers.


Signing a contract

Currently USA companies and companies in some other countries often use paperless document turnover. Thus, documents with electronic signatures are in priority among employers and partners. If you plan to take this matter seriously and protect yourself at all stages, check out these tools:


Organizing your work

Being independent from the place of work produces much temptation, thus, to remain effective it is necessary to optimize all working processes.

www.wunderlist.com/ru — great task manager.
trello.com — service that helps to organize a to-do list.
justgetflux.com — resource that helps you to adapt your monitor to the time of the day.
slack.com — group chat for more effective group communication and file exchange.
hipchat.com — another group chat.
agilebits.com/onepassword — password manager.
idonethis.com — great group task manager.
everytimezone.com — website that makes it easier to tell time in another time zone.
hackpad.com — great tool for leaving group notes.
workfrom.co — resource to help you locate the best coffee shops to work in. www.getcloudapp.com — great way to share desktop data.
www.spottedbylocals.com — practical advice for travelers from locals.
www.sqwiggle.com — convenient service to organize conferences for remote groups.
hangouts.google.com — use this tool to keep in touch with your remote team.
nozbe.com/ru — team task manager.
www.pivotaltracker.com — resource to maintain a high level of feedback with clients.
basecamp.com — this website helps remote teams solve 1000 tasks in one place.
www.glasscubes.com — service that helps you manage remote team in the most effective way.
www.box.com — collective file use.
www.dropbox.com — one of the most popular file managers.
docs.google.com — website that helps you to organize collective document use for the team.
www.deekit.com — service that provides convenient interaction for remote teams.

Money management

Freedom means a certain share of responsibility, at least for yourself. While travelling all around the world think of the way to get cash when you need it. Expenses management is no less important, otherwise one day you may find yourself in a very difficult position thousands of kilometers away from home.

www.paypal.com — one of the most popular ways to receive payment.
www.skrill.com/ru — another tool for receiving payments.
payable.com — service that helps to simplify payment process.
www.spendeeapp.com — great resource for personal finances management.
jettymoney.com — another tool for money management.


Summer all year round or arctic field breezes — you can afford all that if you have Internet at hand. Organize your traveling wisely.

www.airbnb.ru — choose the best accommodation all around the world.
www.uber.com/ru — calling a taxi has never been easier.
www.lyft.com — another way to call a taxi.
www.couchsurfing.com — find a free apartment for a night in any corner of the world.
taylorbot.com — personal traveling guide.
pana.com — virtual travel agent.
www.tripomatic.com — convenient way to plan your trip.
www.remoteyear.com — travel with other remote employees.
www.skyscanner.ru — choose the best tickets.
www.blablacar.ru — travel cheaper with travelling companions.
www.booking.com — book hotels all around the world.
nomadlist.com — choose the best place for living and working.
www.tripadvisor.ru — another tool to book hotels all around the world.
startupretreats.com — find flatmates in any part of the world.
teleport.org — another way to find the best place for living and working.

Get the most from your partnership

One of the most pleasant bonuses of working with foreign employers is the possibility to get the official working invitation and a working visa. If this is your goal from the beginning, make sure to find out whether your employer takes part in the program for inviting foreign candidates and how often they do it. It is advisable to examine visa application resources.

blog.sourcing.io/visa-guide — your guide to get a visa for engineers.
www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration — find out more about working visas for England.
www.myvisajobs.com/Reports/2013-H1B-Visa-Sponsor.aspx — list of companies that issue USA visas.

The variety of these tools for remote specialists will help you broaden your mind, as well as increase your personal efficiency. Use them, develop, improve the quality of your life and work.

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Yours faithfully, the founder of Talentboard.me — Artem Gladkih.

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