How to double your website conversion

Hello everyone, my name is Artem and I am a co-founder of the startup analysis service

And today I would like to tell you how to double your website conversion with little effort.

“When someone visits your website they will stay there for 6 seconds. If they get interested, they will remain there for 30 more seconds. This means that they make the decision whether to send an application for the product or not in 36 seconds.”

The question is: how to attract visitor’s attention in 6 seconds?

After carrying out over 1500 A/B tests we have discovered an interesting pattern: if we change elements of the website body — call to action, application form, numbers and promos — the conversion chart will be changing gradually. If we change the heading conversion will either drop or increase twice. This happens because it is the heading that controls the user’s attention, attracting it or dispersing it even more.

The main problem of the majority of the headings is the urge for beautification, for fervor and for appeal to some higher matters. “Towards success!”, “Reaching the unseen” and things like that won’t reflect the main thing — the meaning. Even if the meaning is announced this tends to be pretty rough.

For example, “Best SEO-optimization”, “English for beginners”, “Driving lessons” — thousands of your competitors already have it. How can a client spot you in this uniformity? And don’t use countless adjectives in the headings like ‘cool’, ‘best’, ‘quality’, ‘unique’, ‘professional’.

There is a better way. The way to attract user’s attention in 6 seconds. This is a 4U heading technique. After reading such a heading it will be silly not to linger at the website and not to examine it. After you add only 4 elements, there is a great possibility of a visitor to linger at your website for 36 seconds and make the decision whether to purchase or not. What is 4U?

What 4U is

· Usefulness. The visitor should see a clear answer to such questions as: what use does your product have? What problem does it solve? What does a client get in the end? It’s not the product that you sell, not a drill, but a hole in the wall. Solve the consumer’s problem!

· Ultra specificity. Make usefulness more detailed. How much money will the client earn through your service? How high will his sales grow? How much warmer will his home become? Add the quantitative parameter.

· Urgency. When will the client get this effect? Today, tomorrow, in two weeks? The brain gets a better image if you add certain terms.

· Uniqueness. All this is well, but if the visitor sees only the ‘candy’ in the heading without understanding how to get it, his inner voice will give a sane advice: I don’t believe it. The main question here is what mechanisms, tools, technologies will help to achieve the result, to solve the problem. Why is your product unique?

How to create 4U headings

Let’s consider some examples of creating 4U headings.

The basic heading is: “Hot investment advice in the city!”

· Let’s add usefulness to the heading: “Earn thousands by following 1 investment advice”. Because essentially investments aren’t made for the sake of investments, but for additional revenue.

· Ultra specificity: making our service more exact. “Earn additional $4500 by following 1 investment advice.” This way we are more responsible for our words.

· Urgency: “Wake up tomorrow$4500 richer by following 1 investment advice”. This way the visitor is submerged deeper into the image because of certain terms.

· Uniqueness: The problem of using only three U is that the way of reaching the effect is unclear. When we add it, everything fits into their places and resistance is minimal. “Buy these little-known shares and wake up tomorrow $4500 richer.”

Or a clearer example: let’s say, you sell firewood.

We start with the heading: Buy firewood.

· Adding usefulness. Why do we need firewood? — Make your home warmer.

· Ultra specificity: how much warmer? — Make your home 22% warmer.

· Urgency: warmer when? — Make your home 22% warmer in 2 hours.

· Uniqueness: how is your firewood different from the one sold around the corner? What is the advantage? — Make your home 22% warmer in 2 hours with our firewood that has increased energy output.

We can assure you that headings created according to this principle will win over 98% competitors.

Yours faithfully, Artem Gladkih.