Name Puns

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Let me Adam!!!

I traced my hand Andrew a turkey

I don’t like tomatoes but I Ashley like them when they’re in a sandwich

A cartwheel is easy, you just got to go Hannah hand

‎Elmo and Ernie had no money, so I devised a plan to Robert

I dont like it when people smoke around me and flick their cigarette buds because their Ashby all up in my face

If you slap it a couple of times, the Michael work

I Noah guy, who knows a guy

I’m not responsible for how I will Phil and act tonight if you Phil my wine glass to the top

Dad, Dad, Dad!!! May I??? Yes you Mason

What the??!! It cost how much to Lisa house

My students are great at tracing the letter A, some are good at B, but they’re having trouble trying to Tracy

So come on let it gooo, Just let it beeee, Why don’t you be youuuu, And Albie me

Im thinking about showing my friend my Name Puns. Question is, Willie even care?

Thank you for reading. Hope you had a slight chuckle. If you have any reconditions of names I can use, I’ll try my best to make use of it next time.💚