“It’s OK! If that’s what you have to do to get residence in Canada, then do it,” he said. “That’s what Abraham did when he lied about Sarah being his sister when he was entering Egypt.”

Since he was a “Man of God,” and it looked like I had no other option, I decided to go ahead and build a false testimony to present to the judge, despite my spirit telling me otherwise. Besides, I had told the truth at the border at Fort Erie, and was granted a smooth entry into Canada, by God’s grace. From what I heard, everybody else gets locked up first, for at least a week or two. Anyway, buy me coffee (By “coffee” I mean a burger, milkshake, ice cream waffle, or any protein packed salad you know) for the rest of the story. This is about sin having consequences.

So, YES! Abraham, the man of great faith, the father of all nations and generations to come, lied. YES! He was afraid they’d kill him to take his wife because she was beautiful, and YES! He was given cattle, sheep, donkeys, camels and even servants for her sake. But, his action caused the Lord to inflict serious diseases on Pharaoh and his household, which prompted him to ask Abraham why he lied about Sarah, and gave her back and sent them away with everything he had given them. It seems like it was worth it, entering Egypt and leaving it wealthier because of that crucial decision. However, I wonder if Abraham was at peace with himself knowing all that happened to the Pharaoh and his household was because of him (I know how peaceful I wasn’t). Not only that, I wonder how he felt about his wife laying with another man. Not only that, I wonder what it was like for Sarah laying with another man, still married. Abraham did not seem affected but the Pharaoh and his own wife were.

So many things we do and so passionately justify, ignoring the fact that they are doing nothing but destroying us, and those around us in the long run. Lying eventually breaks trust, integrity and credibility. Pornography hinders the intimacy between you and your spouse. Every sexual encounter with a different person joins you with them, hence rips out and takes a piece of your soul with them, leaving you emptier than you already were when you searched for fulfillment. Every bribe and corrupt involvement comes back to bite you, and your loved ones when you are not around. Every sin, the one we acknowledge or not, has severe and eternal consequences, most of which we are so ignorant of. I’ve never heard of any good thing coming out of sin. In fact, it all just leads to more and more problems…having to lie again to justify the previous lie, having to bribe someone else who found out you were bribing someone else, you can think of the rest. It’s all temporary and really “beneficial,” but Man, do we face it rough in the long run.

The effects are even worse when it becomes a habit. Once we start, it’s hard to stop and it becomes like a compounding effect, turning every tiny, not so bad, won’t harm anyone type of step to something like an addiction, and by the time we wake up and realize it, we are so far down the road with a trail of havoc behind us to clean up. Thank God for His amazing grace and ways to turn things around when we repent. We are saved from eternal repercussions, but unfortunately still have to clean up, and it’s a long way back. Rebuilding trust, intimacy, reputation and the likes, is the hardest thing to do. It’s already a trip building them up in this broken world. Eeish!!

“That’s beyond our borders. You must never go there Simba.”

Simba almost got himself and Nala killed when he disobeyed Mufasa’s instruction of never going beyond “where the light touches.” Mufasa knew why he forbade him from going beyond the pridelands.

We rebel against God, disobeying His commandments, not thinking that they were put there out of love, to protect us, because there are much greater blessings in store for us. It’s not like God put all these “rules” for no good reason. And many of us end up thinking that God is punishing us for our sins when the matter of the fact is that we simply walked away from Him/His presence and are suffering the consequences of our own decisions that are against His clear instructions. I think the main problem is that we forget we can trust Him, even with the most painful of outcomes of our decisions. It’s so hard to trust Him when our jobs, businesses, loved ones, and even our lives are on the line. When we see that the immediate outcome of our moral decisions and faithfulness isn’t favorable. When we know very well that sometimes His will involves us losing something or someone. Just think of Abraham about to sacrifice his own first-born son. Whaaat???? By the way, where was his faith when he lied about Sarah? Haha! I’ll scratch my head a little on that one.

Anyway, sin causes trouble and leads to nothing but eternal death. Our broken souls, to me, are the proof of that. Thank God for sending His son, Jesus to die for us and cover our sin, saving us from condemnation, eternal death. May we receive this TRUTH and walk with Him, and follow His ways towards righteousness. Easier said than done, but worth it. The rewards are greater than you think. They won’t just serve you, but generations to come as well. They are eternal.

Obey your parents, kids! ;)

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