Maine Governor Signs Bill Forbidding Discrimination of Gun Owners Residing in Public Housing

Maine just became the latest state to protect gun owners who live in public housing.

Governor Paul LePage (R-ME) signed Legislative Document 1572 into law on April 12, 2016, citing the case of retired police officer Harvey Lembo.

More formally known as “An Act to Ensure Nondiscrimination against Gun Owners in Public Housing“, LD 1572 will prohibit discrimination of gun owners who reside in public housing. It’ll go into effect 90 days after Maine’s legislature adjourns, writes NRA-IRA.

Disabled Americans who wish to purchase and own guns face immense obstacles–especially if they reside in government housing. That was the case of Harvey Lembo, who largely inspired this piece of legislation.

Lembo fended off a burglar who tried to steal his pain medication and subsequently shot him. Afterwards, Lembo faced eviction from his landlord for merely owning a legal firearm and defending himself. Here’s more context about Harvey Lembo’s case.

With the passage of this law, Maine residents like Harvey Lembo won’t be persecuted for merely exercising their Second Amendment rights. This is a good step in the right direction.



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Originally published at on April 13, 2016.