Universal Orlando Misfired, Rehired Employee Whose Gun Was Stolen

Gabriella Hoffman
Apr 8, 2016 · 2 min read

A former Universal Orlando ride technician fired after having his legal firearm stolen from his car in December was rehired by the theme park.

Dean Kumanchik had been repairing rides at the theme park for over 20 years and earned more than $30 an hour for his work. Kumanchik holds a Florida concealed weapons permit and was fired after he filed a case with the local police station over his stolen handgun.

Here’s a statement Kumanchik’s lawyer issued to News 96.5- WBDO in regards to Universal Orlando rehiring him:

“We are pleased to announce that a confidential settlement agreement was reached, and our client has been returned to work in his prior position. The right to carry is a vital one and we take threats to that right seriously. Mr. Kumanchik is back to doing what he enjoys as a result of this lawsuit, and it was an honor to have represented him.”

It’s uncertain whether Kumanchik will return to Universal Orlando, with his lawyer suggesting he didn’t ask Kumanchik about it and didn’t want to know.

In February, the Orlando Sentinel reported that Kumanchick filed a lawsuit against his former employer citing wrongful termination over his firearm being stolen. Moreover, the lawsuit asserted that Universal Orlando was in violation of an eight-year-old Florida law allowing residents with concealed weapons permits to store and lock firearms in their cars while at work.

Despite Florida boasting laws amenable to concealed carry, both Universal Orlando Theme Parks and Walt Disney World currently prohibit visitors from bringing firearms into their parks.

It’s nice to see Kumanchik exonerated and have his employment at Universal Orlando restored to him. Whether or not he chooses to return there is up to him–especially if Universal Orlando refuses to respect Florida law in relation to concealed handgun permits. Let’s hope this case, like others before it, teach employers not to punish their employees who legally and peacefully choose to conceal carry.



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Originally published at www.wideopenspaces.com on April 8, 2016.

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