How do you like them Apples

Credit: Pasu Au Yeung

Let’s talk about Iphones, you either love them or you hate them [because you’re comparing them to other similarly priced alternatives]. Personally I’m somewhere in the middle, I like apple as a brand, because I like the idea of using their products. It’s like belonging to a family, well actually it’s more like belonging to a gang, its hard and expensive to buy in, but once your there they have your back, they provide for you making your life easier, that is as long as you buy all their latest products, so when the cash splash comes every September you know your golden for another 11–12 months.

The apple gang, photo credit goes to

I think that’s what makes Iphones so expensive, their life span. Which sounds stupid because they are the same price as Samsung, HTC and Sony and are released almost just as regularly, but they seem to be a bigger deal every year, it’s almost like the hype from the new iphone makes the older ones redundant, like you’re being left behind.

This is where the notion of expense comes in, because many Iphone owners know that the $800+ they are about to drop on the latest iPhone is going to have a payoff of around 1 year.

Everyone wants the iPhone 6/6 plus, below is a photo taken from the storage room of the electronics shop I work in [as a casual], it’s empty. That’s because apple has supplied just enough to please the die hards, but keep everyone else hungry.

Blacked out the labels so i don’t get fired, but you get the picture.

So in the midst of all this is me, an 18 year old with a yearly salary of around $20 000. I have never really been wild about iphones [because I could never afford them] but now I’m seriously considering spending 1/20 of my YEARLY salary on a 6 plus, and the worst thing is that I’m not entirely sure why.

The thing that draws me the most [other than the fact that the Gold 6+ looks like something straight out of Aladdin’s Cave] is the camera. IPhone photography is so simple and under the right circumstances can produce amazing photos; I also love the fact that you can time-lapse. Something that I can’t do [as effortlessly] on my canon DSLR.

In being totally honest, the iphone 6/ 6plus are not actually bad phones, they are quite the opposite and if you like everything about the previous iphones then you will probably have a field day with the 6/6 plus. The battery life of any iphone up to this year has been pretty terrible [I take a charger with me everywhere i go], but as long as it lasts the day who really cares? Most people charge their phones every night anyway right?

For the first time I can actually imagine myself owning the latest iPhone [Almost 90% due to my now huge disposable income; I don’t have that many expenses] as to whether I will be making the same decision in 12 months…I guess I will worry about that this time next year.

Let me know what you think….

Fun Fact, Apple sells their iphone wholesale to companies in Australia for $824, leaving an incredibly underwhelming profit of [60] for Australian retailers.

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