I don’t have a PhD.

Gabriel Otte
Mar 20, 2017 · 2 min read

Until recently, I was insecure about not finishing my PhD and afraid I needed credentials to solve big problems. Though unintentional, this caused me to speak inconsistently on the topic and some people were misled. This is inexcusable.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who complete their doctorates and go on to produce great research at academic institutions. That wasn’t the right track for me. I’ve realized, all it takes to do something great — is to do something great.

I co-founded Freenome because I want to make a world free of cancer. I know this isn’t going to happen overnight nor will Freenome do it alone. This will take the collaborative efforts of clinicians, industry leaders, academics, businesspeople, and many more.

Together, we are on track for the next stages of Freenome, namely

1. Establishing our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Boards.

2. Building out our clinical laboratory for our larger scale trials.

3. Releasing peer reviewed publications covering our methods and blinded trials, expanding beyond what we’ve already done in blinded trials for investor diligence.

To be clear, before we engage with patients, there will be rigorous testing of our labs and tests, as well as peer-reviewed publications. This has always been our plan, and in fact much of the round we just raised was geared towards funding necessary studies, as I mentioned in press articles at the time. We’ll do this as quickly as we can, but we will also take as much time as is needed to do it right, as we always have, with strong scientific rigor.

We believe all that matters at Freenome is abilities, not degrees. We have people with MDs, PhDs, and years of experience. We also have undergraduate and graduate dropouts like me. What all of us share is a love for computer science, biology and mathematics, and a passion for applying technology to solve the hardest problems in biomedicine.

If this sounds like you, join us in our mission to save lives through early cancer detection.

Gabriel Otte

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Founder and CEO at @Freenome • Scientist • Software Engineer • Entrepreneur • Investor