Old man philosophy has been kicked off his throne and in his place is a new king — science.
Bill Watterson: How to Find Your Life’s Meaning
Charles Chu

It’s a glaring mistake to treat philosophy as something apart from science. Actually, it’s not only a science on its own, but also the cornerstone of each one of them. The first explorations in philosophy made by the ancient Greeks later branched in fields such as mathematics, geometry, music, biology and so on. All sciences, be them old or knew, owe their existence to philosophy, which hadn’t lost its capacity to question reality and to help us to think about ourselves and the world we live in. Plus, it’s the source of all scientific method. Just to illustrate the point: in one of the oldest european universities, the Jagiellonian University, located in Krakow, Poland (alma mater of a certain Nicolaus Copernicus, by the way), the entrance to the campus is done through the Philosophy Building.