11 things you should know about Gneo for Apple Watch

Our goal is to develop the most effective to do app on your wrist that is polished in every way, a delight to use and enriches people’s day. This is why we are really curious about your opinion.

1. Minority report

2. Designed on-the-go

Clutter free tasks showing reminder time and location

3. Same softness as Apple Watch

4. Focus

5. Clues from real life

Forecast shows how busy your day is and what’s up next
A quick Glance at how many tasks you have to do

6. Glance screen

Glance showing what’s up next. The image is a clock showing both the time of the event and how long until it starts

7. Thinking beyond ‘the right information at the right time and right place’

Quickly identify your high priority tasks

8. Color blind mode

9. Japanese language

10. About Gneo iOS

If Gneo was around in Edison’s time….

11. Credits

Thinker, designer, honorer of traditions, seeker of inventions, lover of details.

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