11 things you should know about Gneo for Apple Watch

Our goal is to develop the most effective to do app on your wrist that is polished in every way, a delight to use and enriches people’s day. This is why we are really curious about your opinion.

1. Minority report

Why did we do it this way? The answer is simple: Distinction. From what we have seen from competitors and other watch applications, they have stuck to the native look. This might be due to the fact that developers don’t have a physical Watch yet to wear everyday or it might be that it is safer to keep the risk of any failure low. Whatever the reason, the result is a dozen of uncharming applications that could easily result in users being disappointed about the Apple Watch experience. We feel encouraged enough to pioneer a new way of watch application design and UX. Time will tell whether our design philosophy is right.

2. Designed on-the-go

What does that mean? Just imagine, you are walking along the street or traveling on the subway. You have to be aware of other people and your hands are permanently in motion. Meanwhile you are about to read this tiny screen and perhaps interact with it. Our aim is to help you to recognise the information as fast as possible, even help you to complete all your desired actions without any mistakes.

Clutter free tasks showing reminder time and location

3. Same softness as Apple Watch

4. Focus

5. Clues from real life

Forecast shows how busy your day is and what’s up next
A quick Glance at how many tasks you have to do

6. Glance screen

Glance showing what’s up next. The image is a clock showing both the time of the event and how long until it starts

7. Thinking beyond ‘the right information at the right time and right place’

Quickly identify your high priority tasks

8. Color blind mode

9. Japanese language

10. About Gneo iOS

If Gneo was around in Edison’s time….

11. Credits



Thinker, designer, honorer of traditions, seeker of inventions, lover of details.

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Gábor Balogh

Thinker, designer, honorer of traditions, seeker of inventions, lover of details.