Watches That Caught My Eye This Year

Gábor Balogh

Fortis 2π

This limited to 150-pieces art-watch was unveiled this spring, but honestly, it’s not the nicest attempt in its category. The 42 mm case with black PVD coating is quite boring and the F-2014 (ETA 2836–2) movement can be easily called as ‘normcore’. However, the dial caught my eye. The designer, Rolf Sachs must be a big fan of mathematics, concerning this is his second watch with a math-theme for Fortis.

The glowing (Superluminova) dial itself looks like a whiteboard full with geometry doodles, which gives you a few seconds to decode. The indexes are marked by angles, but at two o’clock π/6 is featured which is 30°. The next quarter leaves the norms and features 7/4π, which is 315° and it means half past four. The R.S is the monogram of the designer.

Still, my most loved detail is the doodled Fortis logo. I respect this coolness. The price is not shy, it sets you back with US$3000. A bit pricey…

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors

I can’t deny, this piece is truly a love or hate. I’m loving it, actually. The mixing of infantile, bold colors, yet quality execution fascinates me. At first sight, it looks like a gift watch found in cornflakes box.

Then you realize, that the three elementary colored case is not plastic, but anodized aluminium, and the dial has courageous, but tasteful details. Though the typography is rather assorted, your attention is easily caught by the thick date window, the aluminium, pilot-watch-like hands with burnt orange of luminant, and the same colored markers. The price tag is US$ 4400.

Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Limited Edition Watch

Isn’t it funny to have a comic hero on a well-known wristwatch for men? It is, and it is sexy. Especially, if you know the story.

Failure is an option

The beloved Speedmaster Moonwatch series refer to the cooperation between Omega and NASA. Charles Schulz’s Snoopy was co-opted by NASA as their safety mascot for the Apollo program. Later it was transformed into award for contributors of the mission’s safety and success. So, Omega has its own Silver Snoopy award. In 2015, Omega commemorates an Apollo mission that went wrong — the Apollo 13.

Snoopy can be seen on the back of the case as a smiling astronaut and on the subdial at nine, as resting on the ground. Only 1970 pieces are available from this edition (referring to the year of the mission), and you can have it on your wrist for US$ 6100.

Ressence Type 3

The most insane watch is left to the end. It looks like a smartwatch, but it is mechanic. I could say, it looks like mechanical AppleWatch. But it would not be a praise for Ressence.

So, there is a genius, Benoit Mintiens, who hates layers and levels. According to him, the ideal world is flat. This timepiece is Benoit’s revelation.

The essence of Ressence is the dial, beside of the fact that it is fully flat, it turns itself as well. Again, not the hands rotate, but the whole dial with all sub dials while all the subdials have their own rotation too. It has plenty of complications, as date and day displaying. The top of all, it is filled with fluid between the dial and the crystal, hence the look that the crystal rotates. Truly respectable piece what you have appreciate with US$ 34.000.

Gábor Balogh

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Thinker, designer, honorer of traditions, seeker of inventions, lover of details.

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