Just Write, and Forget the Money

I wrote this over a year ago to talk about the metaphysical value of writing. This is was my first post on my blog, and I think for the first time, I’ve actually stuck with it.

Let this be a reminder to all writers, and myself, that writing is important.

Here’s why: You’re a human being. Nothing can change that. You offer a unique perspective. You see things from your own view, and absolutely no one else can offer that. We’re all a different branch in this enormous tree, all becoming exceedingly good at whatever talent or skill we harness and practice every day. To say there is no value in teaching that to the world is, well, silly.

Think for a moment about how lucky you are to be a human. There are several trillion ants alive in the world, as well as trillions of other insects, fish, and billions of other mammals. There are hundreds of billions of birds as well. But there are only seven billion humans. Of this number, about 16%, or 785 million people, are illiterate. Also out of this number, with a lot of overlap, 4.2 billion people do not have internet access. If you’re reading this, that means you’re one of the 3 billion people in the world who have internet access, who also happens to be literate. You also have the free time to read a blog post about blogging, which in itself is a luxury.

So really, you’re one in a trillion trillions. You have something to offer the world. Be it a hobby, a job, or just something you like to do every day, you’ve likely figured out a unique way of doing it that helps you get it done, and could also be of huge use to someone out there who would also benefit from doing it the same way. You just haven’t put it into words yet. Even the most mundane task could be of use when described in detail to someone who has never done it before. Remember: What’s mundane and trivial to you can be foreign, bizarre, and complicated to someone else, and vice-versa. This is even true with writing!

Even if you’re trying and learning something new, just documenting this process, and explaining your misconceptions, how you learned they were incorrect, and how you figured out the correct methods from there, could be extremely beneficial to someone going through the same process to learn what you were learning. You never know where your struggles may take you and how your knowledge gained during this time can help someone else.

Just remember, knowledge is the greatest gift one can give.

And don’t worry about the money. Many people get into blogging for the sole purpose of gaining wealth. Don’t view it this way. It poisons your content and your mind. The point of writing is to have fun with it. Giving knowledge and wisdom to others is a wealth unto its own. Anne Frank once said “No one ever became poor by giving.” This holds true today. To know that your knowledge improved another person’s life is immensely satisfying, and it is great to know that how you helped them may have effects that ripple on through generations, as the ones you have taught will go on to teach the knowledge they gained from you to others.

I’m no writing expert, but I wanted to share these thoughts. It’s my own perspective on writing. If you haven’t started writing yet, perhaps sharing your own perspective on it would be a good way to get started.



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