Vinícius Lúcio Scouting Report and Video Analysis

Vinícius Lúcio

Age: 16 years

Physical Parameters

Height: 7'0'’ (2,13 m)

Wingspan: 7'2'’ (2,18 m)


Vinícius Lúcio is a young center who started to play at profissional basketball at 11 years old in Regatas de Campinas and spent his last season in Brazil for Paulistano, including a participation in Nike Elite Camp promoted by NBB (brazilian domestic league) as one of the youngest players in the camp roster. For the next season, he will a part of Joventut Badalona Youth System after sign a 5-years contract in Spain. The spanish club already have a brazilian prospect in his young core, the wing Pedro Nunes who is good evaluated by internacional scouts. Besides that, the club has a tradition to reveal talents for internacional basketball like Ricky Rubio and Rudy Fernandez, also first european club of Brazilian NT player Marcelinho Huertas. With good hystoric in youth basketball, the club seems like a good destination for Vinícius’ development, receiving more atention from the scouts in Europe than he could receive in South America, adding that he will elegible to play strong tournaments like AGNT (Adidas Next Generation). It’s still known that Barcelona and Real Madrid showed interest in him.

How Does He Play

What catches the eye is his size at young age, he already has impactful height and lenght who are great for any competition level. As expected for someone with his age, he doesn’t have yet a great physical development, with thin legs and arms. This affects his game style, he shies away from contact and doesn’t use his enorm body well to take advantage as rebounder. Despite he’s relatively mobile for his size and doesn’t be particularly slow, he lacks of elite lateral quickness and fundamentals to switch and play D against guards/wings. He does his best in offensive rebounding and rim protection. His standing reach allows him to alter shots in restricted area and rebound outside of his area (or finish with putback dunks), he has a lot of upside in defensive area, although still needs to work in fundamentals.

Offensively, he can use his mobility and size to finish after pick-and-roll actions and he’s a lob target who can play above the rim, although he doesn’t have a elite explosiveness, he struggles to play against contact. He doesn’t have a back-to-basket game at this stage and lacks of finesse finishes around the rim. However, he has been working on his jump shot to become a pick-and-pop target/floor spacer. His shooting form is a bit slow and has a low release, but he’s capable to hit shot with his feet set and show upside in this area. If he continue to grow as shooter, he’ll be an intriguing strecht big who combines floor spacing with rim protection.

Already with NBA scouts in his route, Vinícius Lúcio is an intriguing prospect with promising tools for maybe become a NBA draft pick. If shooting continues to develop and gain strenght/explosiveness, he’ll be a long term player for internacional basketball and maybe Brazilian NT/NBA.

Finishing at The Rim

Offensive Rebounding


Rim Protection/Size-Lenght


Vs Smaller Players