Write down what’s in your head

It will change you prospective and help you see things clearer

In a period where everything seems to be hard to do, I re-discovered one small thing I did until a couple of years ago.


I won’t say that writing is changing my life, but for sure it’s helping me see things clearer. I’ll tell you how it’s helping me in different situations.

At work

Since I’m trying to innovate some aspects of the team I work with, my Ideas must be clear and detailed, and above all they must be easy to understand.

You need to understand your own ideas before expecting that other people can understand them!

But that’s not the only reason, working in a technical position I have to deal with new technologies daily, and after achieving my goal I have to share what I learned with the team, and here comes the pain.

Do I really have a new skill or I just found a way to complete that specific task?

Writing something about what I did, trying to use simple and clear sentences helps me go deeper in the solution I found, understand things I did and why they really work, instead of just being satisfied that they have worked.
And when I have to explain a process or a methodology, it works even better!

In personal life

We all have moments in personal life in which everything seems hard to accept, and It becomes hard to make decisions. Ideas are disordered and it’s even hard to understand what we really want or where we want to go.

Stop. Take some time to understand what’s going on.

Think one thing at a time, try to analyze it deeply and find a way to write it down. Make questions to yourself and give you rational answers. Try to look forward.

Try to see yourself between a year or maybe two, where and how will you be?

Start from the easiest things. Figure out where your decisions will drive you and try to write about them, as you would explain them to someone else.



This is the process that most of the times works for me, maybe it will work for you too.

  • Start from scratch
  • Figure out what you’re thinking about
  • Define it, try to put it on a mind map
  • Add details
  • Find an easy way to explain everything
  • Start writing, let the words flow
  • Read what you have written
  • Review
  • Read again
The more you write, the more thoughts will become clear. The more you write, the more you will enjoy it.
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