Rejuvenate Healthcare Revolutionizes Kidney Transplant Matching

As the founder of the Rainmaker Group, Gabriel Holschneider works through his company to support potentially world-changing startups throughout North America. In addition to various environmental campaigns, Gabriel Holschneider works with Mike Rees and Al Roth at Rejuvenate Healthcare to facilitate organ transplants.

Rejuvenate Healthcare focuses on improving outcomes for patients living with serious renal diseases. Caring for individuals with renal failure makes up a large part of the Medicare budget and costs Americans $50 billion each year. Many of these individuals require kidney transplants, but lack access. Interestingly, the imbalance between donors and patient in need of a donor organ comes not from a true shortage of donor kidneys, but from a mismanagement of available funding and poor matching practices.

Rejuvenate Healthcare founder Alvin Roth developed a superior kidney matching algorithm, which earned him a Nobel Prize in 2012. While encouraging reform from other angles, Rejuvenate Healthcare seeks to use this algorithm to improve matching and ensure that 100 percent of qualifying patients receive a new kidney.

If you live in the United States and would like to register to become an organ donor, visit to learn more about options available in your state.

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