Apple App Store Top Grossing Ranking Algorithm Update — 2.17.17
Gabe Kwakyi

Gabe, there seems to have been another change, which could be interesting to investigate on. I realized it when I was monitoring the rankings for our app GoodNotes on the German and the US AppStore. We usually rank pretty high in the Paid iPad overall rankings as well as in the productivity rankings. Same goes for one of our main competitors Notability. Recently, between May 11th and May 15th there must have been a severe change to the ranking algorithm: Both GoodNotes and Notability dropped in the rankings and are both somewhere around #200. In the same time, the picture of the rankings changed completely and I discovered apps ranking highly that I have never seen before. Strangely, GoodNotes and Notability (that both are universal apps and are also available for iPhone, even though their primary use case is on the iPad) are ranked quite highly in the iPhone rankings. Other competitors like Notepad+, Noteshelf and Notes Plus gained a lot of ground recently in the iPad rankings. None of them is a universal app and they are all only available on the iPad. This made me think that Apple recently started to favor device specific apps. What do you think? Have you seen similar things already? Love to discuss it further.

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