Poor and traumatized at Harvard
Due Quach

I believe it might be quite hard to let go of your fear and put your heart up front. It is sad but honest to see all the comments with support and similar experiences they faced in the “best country in the world”, “the land of opportunity” etc. We would not believe those for the majority of movies and books about how life is so wonderful when you go to the top schools in the US. Sadly I have heard of many cases like that and the effect those had on the individuals. Congratulations for your sanity and strength to keep going and finding your way to escape all that crap. There are many Latins going through the same situation — they don’t fit in. And it is not even about the money, they are wealthy people. It is about the recurrent prejudice for the different one. The speech may change and I can see some light to it but it will still take a couple of years to evolve.