Why I think about Quantum Mechanics multiple times a day– sometimes.

-Random Image-

Curiosity has brought me into the fray of existence multiple times. What exactly do I mean by “the fray”, I mean shitty situations. ‘Malakia’ in Greek which roughly translates to ‘masturbation’. 
(Now– when I write this, I immediately want to correct my grammar and say “the frays”. This is how it would be written in French, in plural form.)

Why introduce any article in such a fashion? Quantum Mechanics. 
‘Quantum Mechanics’ has become my go to excuse for everything. Because, why not? If one molecule shot during The Double Slit Experiment could have gone through your eye while reading this passage, an ocean wave’s crest five-thousand years ago, and/or have possibly been involved with the concept of the ‘ink’ of the last “Oxford comma” I have typed– can’t I blame everything on such a crucial and random part of our existence?

If anyone has an argument against this– please inform me of your perspective. Or not. “Your choice”, right?