Run Your Own Race: A Voice over tale

It took my until my 40th birthday to work out that randomly ricocheting off career walls and trying to be successful at the same time wasn’t really working! Well that’s not true, I knew it wasn’t working long before that but I didn’t know how to fix it. Then in a sort of Eureka moment, aided by Marie Forleo and Danielle La Porte, among others, I realised that I was focussing too much on what others were doing.

I would love to be a successful singer. I want to tour with Taylor Swift with Ruby Rose on the decks…. I want to duet with Gaga. Only problem is that while I rock it in the car or shower, I’m actually not a singer.

Once I realised this, yes it took about forty years…. and focussed on where my strengths lay, that’s when it all changed. Acting, performing and bringing words to life. = Voice actor. BINGO!!

Then I saw people having success in certain genres, and I thought… ooohh… I should be doing that…. that’s the way.

STOP!! I was in danger of bouncing about again.

The fabulous Jay Britton is an ace in the Gaming genre.

Guy Michaels is great at technical and factual narration.

Nancy Cartwright…. well…. enough said.

What do clients keep asking me to do? What has become an unexpected niche? What type of jobs do I keep booking and get the most enjoyment out of?

For me, as well as simple explainer videos and corporate narration, I seem to have become an audiobook narrator, both in the children’s and adult genres.

This doesn’t mean I’m not working in other areas, but this has given me a lot of success and exposure recently. This year I’m concentrating on expanding my commercial work along side dramatic narration. I’m always watching what others are doing, but I’m not going to try and do what they’re doing, I’m following my own path and running my own race.

I’ve got my eyes on Motion Capture, because that really tickles my fancy….but I wont be trying to model my achievements on anyone else’s or doing anything because I feel I ‘Should’.

So my advice, as someone totally unqualified to give advice…. is to evaluate yourself, what are your strengths? Play to those 80 % of the time. The other 20% push your boundaries in areas that aren’t comfortable.

Run your own race and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. They can’t do what you do!!

And of course this is true for any career isn’t it?

If you’re interested in learning more about those who inspire me like Marie Forleo or Danielle LaPorte check them out online. If you want someone a bit more feisty and in your face, check out Gary Veynerchuck.

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