These men are homosexuals dressing like women trying to lure other men in every single case.
Daro Weilburg

You are stunningly, risibly wrong. Firstly, being trans has no bearing on one’s sexual orientation; your assessment that trans women (and what of trans men? Of non-binary people?) are ‘homosexuals’ is laughably ignorant, and you sound like you’re still in the 1970s, when both ‘trans’ and ‘homosexual’ were still commonly used as insults in America. Beyond all this, there is ample scientific evidence that being transgender is very real; we know almost as much about why people may be born trans as we do about why people may be born lesbian, gay, or bisexual. I’m trans myself; I would know far better than you.

Honestly, mate, stop following Alex Jones or whatever other conspiracy nonsense you may be on, and spend some time learning about the real science of gender identity and sexual orientation. And then read some stories from actual trans people about what it’s like to be trans, so you learn some empathy. You could use it.