3 reasons Mudhoney are the most legendary band of the last 30 years

Of the last 30 years and I’m not exaggerating!

First of all, let me explain what I mean for “legendary”.

Going for exclusion it’s possible to say that this doesn’t mean the most famous, the most talented or the one with the biggest commercial success (even if they’d deserved to sell many more but, you know, often the better things are not for all) nor that one with band member scandalistic stories who deserve the first pages of the magazines (as Pete Doherty from Libertines, just to make an example).

As “legendary band” I mean a band who is and will be for ever a model and a reason of inspiration non only for their fans but also for the other bands.

The proof is in the impact they have had not only on the Seattle scene of the ’90 (I prefer not use that stupid word, “grunge”) but on those bands that made explode that scene all over the world.

Here 3 simple reasons supporting my thesis:

  1. Kurt Cobain wanted Dan Peters as drummer in the pre-NeverMind Nirvana (as we know he choose Dave after)
  2. Pearl Jam have dedicated a song to their ex-bassist Matt Lukin. And this not because Matt was an extraordinary musicist or an innovator of the punk rock music. But because Matt Lukin is the living proof, the concrete incarnation of the punk ( this is an idea of mine but I’m sure Eddie Vedder agree). And, c’mon, we can say it:do you know an another bassist having a similar tribute?
  3. Mark Arm is the front man that every front man of that generation would like to be. Mark Arm has been present in every moment of the birth of that scene, he contributed to model it and to let it live, it’ s a talented artist, friend and respected colleague of every great rock artist from Seattle. And, if you’re thinking I’m exaggerating, there’s an empiric evidence to confirm my thesis: just have the pleasure and the honor to look at a Mudhoney show and meet Mark, shaking his hand (I did for the first time in 2013 after a gig in Florence), and everything will be clear. Mark is Mark.

And if you’re not convinced yet, take a look at this performance in the sky of Seattle and enjoy, here and now: https://youtu.be/CsjSDQ_MrV8