We, Children of a minor God: The Wallflowers

Under the sign “KIM NGUYEN”, in this pic, I bet that it won’t be easy to recognize a popular musician that now, after The Wallflowers, is a member of a great band, one of those band increasing its popolarity in 2000, year after year, thanks to the charisma of its leader: the Foo Figheters. Who are talking about?Of Rami Jaffee of course, nowadays great keyboard players of the Foos but, before this, also companion of the Jacob Dylan musical project.

This article is the first one of a series that I’m going to dedicate to all those ’90 smaller bands that, even just for a moment, a song or an album have contribuited to leave a mark in that great era of the rock music.

I define it “lesser band”, and no die-hard fan of the L.A. based band be upset with me, only because The Wallflowers, in my opinion, as other bands in that period, are in the artist list of whom, with just a perfect song or album, left a mark anyway and even today they get a smile and a feeling from who, after a long time, hear their songs re-evalueting the music they made.

The Wallflowers have always benefited and, at the same time, suffered the presence of Jacob Dylan, leader with an important surname but that has always moved the band toward a kind of music belonging at the best american rock tradition, with melodic guitars and lyrics unveiling the noble fathers roots.

So, if I have to mention a song that you must hear now,I’m not going to suggest you one of their two or three hits but I think it’s necessary to listen at one of the lesser song included in their perfect album “Bringin down the Horse”, a song embodying the essence of the band: Three Marlenasse https://open.spotify.com/track/5GuZqZ99VHjeOHfIxVSOjZ

Because this song, with its sweet refined melody and its lyric evolving with the strenght of the words written by a student attending a creative writing course in an american college, tells what The Wallflowers has been in that moment of the ’90: a band composed by polite american white american guys, suitable for a NY party in the FRIENDS flat or for a club in L.A, with long lounge and hamburgers and fries in basket covered by napskins. And this, sometimes, it’s not so bad at all.

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