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On the whole, its hard to have the same exact experience as someone else. Even if a person shares the experience, the sum of their life and feelings will differ from another that endures the same situation.

I generally write enough about my own experience for the sake of finding common ground, mostly to say that struggling sucks rather than getting caught up in “I had the exact experience” or “My life was much harder than that”. Those conversations derail the original point that change really starts with self.

That is not to say there isn’t such as a thing as interdependence, but independence and a modicum of self-reliance is required for that.

I have zero desire to play the game of who had a harder life or allow people to use factors that don’t really matter as a shield from personal responsibility. Could I win? Sometimes… but that is time writing down things that don’t really matter when there are a ton of other things that need to be done that do matter.

If I ever decide to write about the “fun” ride that was my life, its going to be in a book in its full glory with every rotten little detail. The only valid point to digging up one’s past is cash in on it or use it as an example for others to learn from.

The book will have lawsuits, dating strippers, bullies, bullets, every form of abuse, poverty, nativity galore, epic dance offs, and plenty of crazy. Till then, I much prefer living in the present.

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