Actually, I didn’t miss about trying to do it properly.
Camera Guy

How long was the line when your great grandfather came through Ellis Island? How difficult was it for him to get, beyond “buy a ticket to get here”

Now, my great grandfather (on my father’s mother’s side) may have been illegal. He was Irish, and the Irish weren’t considered white enough in those days. But he came anyway, built a great fortune, founded a great theater in Missouri. He didn’t ask for any handouts either, made a life, business and success of himself. He was just of the wrong nationality, but other than that, your great grandfather and mine walked the same path.

Mr. Escalante has done everything he can to make himself legal, but there’s no line for him, no door, no opportunity. If he had lived during our great grandfathers’ time, there’d be no question, he’d be a rock of the community (well, except for being too brown).

Simple question — is our country better or worse off with Mr. Escalante in it? By all indications, better. Those in Houston are better off because of those DACA and illegal who hopped into vehicles and saved people. The fact that there is no path to legality for them is an obscenity and a stain upon this country’s honor.

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