Meetup Reimagined

Thank you for explaining so clearly why the app FAILED. You put your wants, push new groups at your users, over their needs of “keep track of my groups and the meetings I’ve signed up for.” Sure, the old app could have done a better job of making it easier to look at available groups — but I open the app daily and I am NOT looking for new groups but what’s going on in the groups I’m in and my events.

Symptoms of the failure:

Updates (you know, the thing we get notified about) aren’t in the first tab but in the second.

In the updates tab, the most prominent thing is the messages. Even though my last discussion is over a week old, it’s going to be the first thing I have to scroll past. All because you said “wait, we have to only have three tabs so they can be bigger graphics”.

Listings are busier and more important taller, so if I’m looking for an event, more scrolling.

No more “events I’m attending” list or “events I attended” list. Don’t need it often, but there are times I want to see which I’ve signed up for — and where did I go to leave a comment or upload a picture.

And most unforgiveable — events aren’t added to the event calendar. I live in my event calendar. It knows when I am available so when I can meet with people.

These are not secondary things you can tweak later. These are core functionality. The new app is significantly less usable, less user-oriented, and less functional than the one it replaced. Not cool. Not cool at ALL.

And while you were doing an update, you left out the two features that I, for one, have been hoping and asking for. No discussion board. And no iPad version. SERIOUSLY? After all this time?

If someone wants to build the old app on the new app and sell it, they’ve got my $5. This upgrade is terrible. It’s going to push me AWAY from MeetUp, not towards it.

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