The Amazing Power Bank You Need (Zebronics ZEB-PG10000 Review)

What’s in the Box?

  • Power Bank
  • Cable
  • User Manual(which absolutely no one is going to read.)

What We Think?

The Zebronics ZEB-PG10000 is rated at 10000 mAh and has enough juice to charge a MacBook Pro three times. It measures at 18.6 x 8.6 x 3 cm and can easily fit inside a jeans pocket in case you were wondering. It weighs around 522 grams and is not the best option while traveling. Inside the product box, you get the Power Bank, One USB Cable and a User Manual. This power bank has two USB-A ports both of which are rated at 2 Amps. Even when two devices are plugged both ports give an output of 2 Amps. It charges itself at 1 Amp from the micro-USB port, it can take around 6 hours to attain 100% charge from 0%. It has Four LEDs that indicate how much charge is left, to check the battery percentage you can click the button between the two USB-A ports once. If you click the same button twice you’ll be able to turn on the LED light it houses. The LED is very dim and would really be of no use in practical life, but it’s a nice add-on. The USB-A to micro-USB cable that is provided is very fragile and can easily break. It has a very impressive conversion rate of 80%-85%, standing tall against some of the best like XIAOMI.

Some things that I didn’t like about this power bank are- it doesn’t support pass-through charging. It also has some weight to it. The built quality is good but it isn’t the best. One last suggestion from me would be, don’t buy this power bank in white color, I have one and it has got more scratches than my super old BlackBerry Curve or you could consider buying some kind of casing. In case you decide to buy a casing don’t forget to use our Amazon affiliate link, as it helps us to give you reviews of even more things.


The Zebronics ZEB-PG 10000 is a good power bank if you get it around Rs.800/$12 and you should definitely consider it while buying your next power bank.

We Unboxed the Zebronics ZEB-PG10000 Power Bank

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