ZOOOK Rocker Soulmate | When the soul is ready, the mate will appear.

Reasons To Buy

1. Good Bass

The earphone is made for the people who love heavy bass, although they really can’t be compared with the high-end ones, they are a great deal but if you dig into earphones you can do better.

2. Tangle Free

The biggest problem even amongst the greatest of earphones remains the wires getting tangled. Untangling the wires is a serious headache. With the earphones being tangle free, it gets bonus points.

3. The Compact Form-Factor

These earphones are compact and even come with a nice case (Not a hard case, a semi-hard kind of case). So it is very easy to carry them around.

4. Durability

This is the one thing I can bet on. They are the most durable earphones which I have used till date. Most of the earphones couldn’t even last 6 months (Despite being associated with big brand names).

5. No Worries About The Device Being Fake

As ZOOOK is not a very big brand you wouldn’t find any fake devices.

Reasons Not To Buy

1. ​Comfort? Not So much!

This is the biggest deal breaker in my frank opinion. Really whats the use of all the great base and everything if comfort is the cost?

2. Battery Life

The battery life is one more concern for me it averages around 3–3.5 hrs. Which means you’ll run out of juice often.

Conclusion: They are the ULTIMATE BANK FOR YOUR BUCK Bluetooth Earphones

Buy Here: http://amzn.to/2lx6gRy

Original Article: http://gadgetsbloggerindia.com/zoook-rocker-soulmate/


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