Parallel Space: How to Use 2 Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Two Everything on Android Phone

Learn how to use the Parallel space Android app to install two whatsapp, two Facebook, two Twitter, two Instagram, two Snapchat, and two everything on Android phone without rooting.

It’s obvious that you would believe my words when I say;

It’s enjoyable when you find apps like Parallel space to install 2 whatsapp on your Android phone using official whatsapp app without ogwhatsapp or gbwhatsapp.

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There’s a say that goes thus; “most useful things in life are often free”

And what if I told you that since I found Parallel space I can tell you is few of those trusted Android apps that you must have on your device for free with good qualities and with sincere customers reviews.

It’s not a gain saying when I said you can use two anything installing parallel space for Android phone. After going through its review on Google store I concur that it’s the best app to run two Android app on single Android phone with dual or single SIM.

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I express my deep sorry for iPhone users for not having access to parallel space because they are missing a lot just like Facetime for iPhone which doesn’t give chance for Facetime alternative for Android phone users. However, iOS users may use Parallel space alternative for iPhone to run multiple apps on iOS but the efficiency is not 100%.

Now I mistakenly stumbled upon Parallel space when I was searching for how to use whatsapp on one Android phone without rooting. And I don’t want o use OGwhatsapp or GBWhatsapp. That was actually few days ago and since then, I have used Parallel -pace app more than I have done for old apps. To be frank the multiple app usage on Android have became my favorite.

Funny enough I didn’t read Parallelspace review from online website. As soon as I install the app I became used to and started exploiting the app features.

Of course you won’t blame the young promising dude for sticking to parallel space app to always launch 2 Android apps without installing apk app.

Well, you may want to call me Oliver twist but trust me an app with over ‎2,063,025 download from Google play store with thousands of positive reviews deserves the standing ovation I am giving to it in this update.

With ego, I am saying if you want to install 2 whatsapp account on your Android phone just learn how to use Parallel space Android app.

What more introduction do you need to hear about Parallel app for dual whatsapp installation? Without wasting much of your time let move straight on how to use Parallel space and a complete review of the app before you device to download and install in on your Android phone

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Parallel Space: Everything You Need to Know

Believe me you, this app is really parallel in space. It’s one of the popular apps in Google play store to install dual Whatsapp app on single phone without OGWhatsapp. With this app you do not need to root your Android phone.

Few of the apps you may want to consider before parallel space include whatsapp, Google app and few more. But when it comes to running multiple Android apps on Android phone parallel space is the king in the jungle.

How to Install Parallel Space

One good thing about parallel space is that the app can be installed directly from Google play on your smartphone. It can also be installed on PC Google play store directly to your Android phone. However, you will learn how to install Parallel-space on your Android phone directly from PC and on Google store on your phone.

Method 1:

This method reveals how to install parallel-space app on your phone directly from your PC to your Android one.

1. Open a new tab on your PC browser and visit Google play store

2. Type ‘parallel space’ in the search box without quote and hits the enter button. Click to parallel-space on your Android phone.

Note: The Android phone you want to install on must have internet connection enabled. Also, the same email address must be used to login into your Google store account on mobile and on PC.

Download Parallel Space Android App on Android Phone

The procedure is almost the same and you do not need rocket scientist knowledge to download the app directly on your Android phone.

1. Navigate to your phone app menu and launch play store app.

2. Type in the search box ‘parallel space’ without quote and hits the search button

3. From the list of apps displayed click on ‘parallel-space’ with curl p icon. Accept that should access your device and click on accept.

4. The app will then download and install on your Android phone.

Next, we’d take a critical look at the popular parallel space app review and how to set up the app for the first time. Also, we’d take a look at how to enable quick access to the app homepage without access the app directly from menu. And also, how to remove ads from the app.

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Originally published at on July 17, 2017.