My untruthful opinions
Jonas Ellison

I see (hear) this a lot and these incidences always serves as a reminder of the years I lived in an unconscious state — Then I think, what will it take, and how many years will it take for those individuals to wake up (oops….I’m being a tad, no very, judgmental here aren’t I?). I end up feeling very sad, not angry — because we, as a whole, have such a long way to go to evolve…generations perhaps. And unfortunately, nothing we can say to someone trapped in their ego bubble, will make one iota of difference — only life’s poison arrows can burst that bubble, and very slowly at that. I get more irritated when that behavior is observed in old people, because there’s not a chance that they have 40 or 50 years ahead of them to wake the f*** up! (oops, my apologies to Norah). Thank you Jonas for permission to vent my truth as of 2:50 am…..may be a different truth when the sun rises.