Intentionally preoccupied
Jonas Ellison

I’m attempting to re-wire my brain lately so as not to fall prey to the overwhelming sadness that engulfs me upon awakening so a new morning routine seems to be working — first a short reading in the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, then a bit of writing, and harvesting some uplifting thoughts from some daily blogs (“Higher Thoughts” included!). Aurelius’ admonition today was: “Such as thy thoughts and ordinary cogitations are, such will thy mind be in time. For the soul doth as it were receive its tincture from the fancies, and imaginations. Dye it therefore and thoroughly soak it with the assiduity of these cogitations. As for example. Wheresoever thou mayest live, there it is in thy power to live well and happy.” So, your article today really drove that point home!