The Hidden Rules of the Internet

Netiquette is the internets version of etiquette which explores important guidelines and rules of how the internet should be used to make online communication as effect as possible. It is the internets unwritten law which is universally followed for success. Since communication online is considered non verbal, not following netiquette can easily lead to miscommunication. There are serval simple rules/guidelines one can to follow to make their online communication a lot more efficient whether it be for school, work or even a general message.

  1. Stop Cyberbullying

Never use inappropriate language or violence towards other peoples opinions since everyone has an open voice to their own beliefs on certain topics. Instead of flaming an opinion towards other peoples perspective it is better to give one critical feedback on why you may think differently. This will eliminate any vial and unnecessary words which can lead towards an angry exchange of posts that will go off topic and head into an unproductive direction.

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2. Spam is a Big NO NO!!

Spamming people with chain messages/post is unethical. You can get your point across through one simple message instead of spamming the individual with the same content. Not only is this annoying, but it is also unnecessary. No one likes spam, so why do it?

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3. You’re being watched

Always remember that anyone with access to the internet can see all the content that you have posted or shared. There is no privacy on the internet, with that being said you should think before you post.

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4. Say No to Copyright

You own what you write so why steal someone else’s thoughts without giving credit. Everyone has the right to get credited for the work they post online, whether it is a poem, picture or etc. Not only is stealing someone else’s work unethical, but certain sites may get sued and legal action can be taken towards you.

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5. Proper english please.

Good grammar and english can go along way. The use of uncommon slang will make your content unclear to various readers. This is because slang varies from different areas and age groups. Sarcasm and jokes are tricky to use online since they are harder to understand without face to face interaction.

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