7 Reasons why Realtors don’t need to waste their time on Facebook

When I see my Realtor friends posting on Facebook about the events in their neighborhood over the weekend, or their newest listing, or their latest Community Service project, I think to myself: ”What a waste of time. Why isn’t my friend out there putting up For Sale signs instead?” There are so many more important things for Realtors to be doing then spending their time on Social Media. I know who my Realtor friends are and what they do. I’m sure everyone else does too!

Even Mari Smith, Social Media expert says: “Realize that as you’re expanding your network, it becomes a growing responsibility.”
Facebook doesn’t sell houses, Realtors sell houses

If you’re a Realtor and have been thinking that you are wasting your time on Social Media, I couldn’t agree more. Is your Manager bugging you to get onto Pinterest or Twitter more often? Are they sending you private messages on Facebook and then calling you out in a staff meeting for not replying? You can tell them you know for a fact it’s all a big waste of time. In fact, here are the top seven reasons you can use with your Manager to explain your reasoning:

1. You’ve already got too much to do. Let’s face it. Realtors are busy with their everyday lives. Calling people, responding to emails, meeting clients, and putting up For Sale signs keep you busy all day, every day. How can you possibly have enough time to get onto Facebook too? People know who you are and what you do. You don’t need to remind them. Besides, you’re selling three to five houses every month. You don’t need any more business.

2. All the people who are important to you already know what you’re doing this weekend. They know all about your latest project. They know all the ways you help your community, from the little kids to the senior citizens. They know that you volunteer at the local food bank and you’re on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations. They don’t need to see pictures of you hiking in the mountains or helping out at the Rotary fundraiser.

3. The people in your targeted neighborhoods really love scouring their local newspaper and the flyers on the bulletin board at the grocery store to find out what’s happening this weekend. They don’t need a reliable resource to get local events all in one place, especially not from the friendly realtor they met at the their library’s used book sale. Besides, if one of their friends decides to buy a house in their neighborhood, they’ll remember you and will definitely give them one of your business cards.

4. People in your target market don’t really care about inexpensive things they can do to their home to improve their “curb” appeal. They’re not selling their house right now, so who cares what the front of their home looks like? No one in your target market changes the decorations on the front of their home for different holidays. For that matter, they could care less about making upgrades inside their home either!

5. Your target market loves going to the yellow pages, or the Internet, or Yelp to find someone to fix their …..fill..in..the..blank….. Why would they want to get advice from a trusted Realtor with a list of professionals ready to fix their dishwasher/sprinkler system/roof or install a new pool/landscaping/wood stove?

6. Your friends and acquaintances could care less that you have a new listing. They’ve got enough going on in their own lives already. Besides, they probably don’t know anyone who wants to live in that neighborhood anyway.

7. Your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances you’ve only met once don’t need any reminders that you’re a great Realtor and can help THEIR friends and acquaintances when they’re ready to buy or sell their home. You’re already top-of-mind with them!

I hope you can tell this is all very tongue-in-cheek. I believe that Social Media is one of the most cost-effective tools you can use to build your brand awareness. You can turn each one of those tips around for some ideas on what to post that will be of interest to your friend list. Remember to always provide something of value to your friends and fans. And, being positive never goes out of style.

By the way, here’s the rest of the quote from Mari Smith, from her book The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web: “Realize that as you’re expanding your network, it becomes a growing responsibility. However, don’t think of this as the usual ‘heavy burden’ definition for responsibility. It’s more like you’re stepping up into a different place of leadership and that you have an opportunity to guide people in new and exciting ways.”

Take the time today to think about how you could improve your image and top-of-mind awareness with Social Media. Think about your target market and which social media platforms they use. Many of my friends use Facebook, but there are others who use Twitter exclusively, and many more use only Pinterest. Please let me know of any specific questions you may have in the comments.

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Gail Eddy has been providing Social Media Coaching for Realtors for the past several years. Realtors have a slightly different business model from other types of businesses. It’s important to approach Social Media from a unique angle that works for you.