My Tedx Manchester highlights

Wow….. Andy Burnham opened up the show with a humdinger of a session. With the casual name drop of Manchester’s amazing historic previous movers and shakers, such as the Pankhursts and the nod to Lincoln square. It reminded me of the radical people that had graced the same streets and museums that I visit in this amazing city. He called out to join the new vision of collaborative policy making to break the democracy crisis our beautiful country is experiencing, and, to stop austerity driven life experiences where work and life are becoming strong insecurities.

Enthralled with the passion of Wellington Webb i joined him on a story of cities leading with a passion (one that Will Storr would have been proud of) and for Manchester to lead the way and start creation of being the 1st’s again such as the digital city which connects everyone together for the greater good, hosting a green summit for potentially carbon free places and the hope to combat homelessness and rough sleeping following the devolution of power from Westminster and beginning the pragmatic revolution.

The theme continued through the day with Jamie Bartlett’s radical politics discussing trans-humanist approaches to link in with technology and the evoluation of science. What became surprising to me was how much could be learnt from the campaigns such as the EDL and learning lessons of how quickly outsiders can change the world and the need to find purpose for the bigger movement.

We had beautiful sounds from the incredibly talented Lucinda Belle and Kabantu brought everyone together for singing practice!! Shenna Cruidshank taught us about the value of poo and how to keep healthy through microbiome.

Dr Rachel Clarke reminded me of the huge importance of the fragility of life, and the requirement to remain humane no matter what the situation is!! Max Joseph embraced the struggle of being a ‘minor celebrity’ but rewarded it with positive of always seeing people’s best self.

Tez Ilyas had me in stitches bringing the house down with his comedy but sharing an amazing message at the same about the perception of Islam…. I’m saying no more as I want everyone to buy tickets to your show so they can see the rest :)

Dan Hett bravely shared his story about the loss of his brother within the 2017 Manchester attack, as he spoke with emotion all I could see was inspiration shining as he has already used this experience to instigate a change in the way that we can inspire our future youth and leaders to learn and develop, offering them a way to balance the insight that they gain through peers and community and not to imitate.

Lessons came from Liv Boeree taught me to be more cautious of using the words maybe and probably, and, insprired me to occasionally look through the lense of an expected value calculation for a more validated response.

Rasmus Ankersen even got me engaged in thinking about football league table analytics to engage companies to scrutinise their data even when the results are showing success and to question how we got there? As it doesn’t always mean that good ethics have been used….

Myself, I have a real passion for health and wellbeing (even before it was cool!) away from my HR arena but I love the fact that I can bring this happiness project into work to support some of the situations that organisation are facing. But the brutal honesty of Prof Vikas Shah brought Bridgewater Hall to a stunned silence. He faced me with a story which was one of my worst fears when I’ve promoted many schemes over wellbeing… the story of the silent warrior, the people who don’t raise flags, the ones that need some space to talk but don’t have right space to do this in, who is too busy to expose who they really are…. It really made think much harder that we all need quality time for themselves, allowance to speak freely without judgement and have the opportunity to look up at the sky and just be.

Sunday’s event has taught me and inspired me on many notions in life….

Things that will stay me and have made me think differently. Aldo how important the rise on social leadership is, as this is going to be impactful, people are on the rise and we’ve got a lot of things to say….! Our youth is our future, if we fail them…well we only have ourselves to blame. Collaboration isn’t a word used in funky creative places, I use this everyday as people have got too used to taking instruction and almost forgotten how be a person….

It’s time to move on, collaborate in your community, be radical in your thinking and own the freedom in your thoughts and break them free for everyone’s success.

I’m jumping up and down on the radical side…. Let’s be the game changers!!!!

Gail (