Introducing CEO of Gainfy Victoria Saucier to the Community

Hello Gainfy Community, we are proud to introduce to you our Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Saucier, and tell you about what drives her passion in many things she does in life.

Victoria is an investor and entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in business development and capital investments. She has also lead several companies through various stages of growth, allowing her to understand the technicalities that are involved in moving a business from inception to success.

She is a public speaker, mentor and serves on numerous advisory boards. Last year, she represented the US Delegation at the Global Entrepreneur Summit in India and the Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit in UAE.

Victoria is also a Managing Director at Ignite 500, an investments group with diversified portfolio of technology, media and healthcare companies. The firm’s primary focus is healthcare industry, partially because Victoria came from a medical family, but also because US healthcare is large and massively inefficient $3 trillion dollar market and growing. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans going without Healthcare and half of the world’s population lacks essential health services.

Victoria is someone who has always strongly believed in supporting companies with groundbreaking technologies, which focus on excelling innovation and having real impact on different areas of people’s lives, and she took her own advice as she decided to tackle the biggest challenges of healthcare, which is the access to urgent care, health data management and identity and security protection. That led her to begin her mission to launch a healthcare platform Gainfy, that uses blockchain, AI and predictive analytics technology to bring technology solutions to Enterprise Clients and giving global community of healthcare Consumers a platform with an easy access to 20 min of free digital medical consultation with licensed doctors via text, audio or video chat and ability for Consumers to easily access, own and manage their health data while being financially rewarded for staying healthy and sharing their data to power the life saving medical innovations.

Victoria is also the Founder of Bloomojo, a digital platform for alternative healthcare connecting providers and patients, which helps make healthcare and wellness services affordable and easily accessible. Under her leadership, Bloomojo was selected as top 10 emerging marketplace health startups for its innovative vision of using smarter technology to help people live a healthier life.

Victoria is the Founder of Bloopost, global media company, focusing on technology, health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, technology, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. Bloopost also brings stories that inspire, uplift and empower women around the world to find their own voice, dare to dream and lead the legacy of healthier and happier world.

As a founder, entrepreneur, and investor in the healthcare and technology sectors, Victoria has contributed to work for investments in digital healthcare and women empowerment. She is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs in playing leading role in driving innovation, creating impactful social change and fostering global economic growth.

She is fluent in four languages, and earned graduate degree in linguistics, undergraduate in clinical medicine, business and economics.

Follow Victoria Saucier:

Twitter and Instagram @chiefbloomer