Spooky Violins: On Discovering Another Poet’s Plagiarism
Electric Literature

A very evocative piece of work and it hit me hard. I am not poet, just a person who writes because I like to do it, enjoy moving words around to fit what I want to say. I had ideas and full passages of a long piece I did lifted by someone I knew and trusted which she then self-published. I never knew until another friend found the book and sent it to me saying she thought it sounded familiar and then compared it to my writing.

Now, understand, I don’t write because I want to make money at it — it’s a thing that gives me pleasure. When I saw my words on her pages, though? It was like a blow to the solar plexus. I could not write anything for two full years as I nursed that pain. I was unable to confront her because i the idea of it made me even less capable of drawing breath.

When I read your story, it was familiar in that I coould see how it bothered you, hurt you that someone you believed in had commited that sort of theft and in doing so, broke your trust in what you thought she was. Not even sure what I am trying to say, except for it resonated strongly with me.

Your writing is completely wonderful.

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