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Hello Anand -

An excellent bit of writing — it’s refreshing to read such a hopeful reaching out to people who (not without exception, mind, because people are capable of all manner of surprises) will likely not embrace your efforts with any enthusiasm. The interactions with James are interesting mainly for the trademark cognitive dissonance so often displayed by many of Trump’s followers — you have underscored this phenomenon with your ending observations, especially points 3 & 4.

James’s fixation with your hair and the insistent nagging about you needing to cut it in order to assimilate is somewhat bizarre. Clearly, he has not wandered through the sea of young men wearing whiskers, whimsical top-knots and man buns to be found in across the great sprawl of American cities. Still, I suppose it’s encouraging that he has requested friendship with you.

Also? <i> Not least because I get my hair cut in Harlem, by a Japanese woman, and doing this would be an inconvenience for 95 percent of Indians living in India.</i> Score!

BTW- I think your have great hair and I very much appreciate the nudge toward brining. Thanks for an entertaining and thought-provoking piece!