The most healthy habits are the ones that most benefit you on all levels, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Ignoring one of those can create an illusion of being healthy, but in fact, what happens is that you entirely miss the point.
The mind doesn’t work without its brain and the heart doesn’t work without its spirit.

A good correlation of those subtle energy fields interact in symphony when you are in harmony with your true being, your essence and live in your power.

Living without a purpose is as meaningless as being without your mind.

Using your mind is a gift, so use it wisely. You can control it and choose the thoughts that are more in accordance with your wellbeing. This reflects immediately in your state of being. Followed by actions that lead to your health success, such as exercise, movement…
Your love cannot be forgotten, it is the main thing that you should listen to constantly.

Emerging from the shadows requires you to be stronger and firmer in your ground; if you want to be a real creator without leading the others, step into your own creation.

At the end, we are all co-creators. But if the environment you are in doesn’t benefit you at all, you can start creating your own one; it starts from your thoughts. Seeing the positive side of all. It follows by your actions, taking the steps that encourage you to grow in the best way: self-support and love.

Sending loving thoughts outwards help a lot too. Having anger or resentment towards other people blocks the flow and you should start noticing this constantly.

As soon as you realise that you are not enjoying or living your purpose, ask yourself the following question:

Do you really accept and understand the reason why you are on earth?

If yes, this is a great experience and you can make the most of it by understanding that you are the main creator of your existence.

If not, what’s happening here is that you have no control over you at all, as you let other people and circumstances manage the way you feel and interact with you in a way that is not supporting at all.
You can stop this unhealthy flow by realising that it is not true, no one wants to get an advantage over you. It is your perception which turned out to be false, based on previous preconceptions, and now is the time for you to set yourself free from it all. To step into the unified field of unconditional love and support being the master of your own destiny.

Start enjoying your time in the best way and do not let others control the way you feel. It is all up to you, you make the choice, to feel good or not, no matter what.

By Raquel Rios