Would you like to be on holiday for the rest of your life?

Most of the people would say: yes! and they can imagine themselves being with an unlimited source of money, so they can travel and do whatever they want without the need to work anymore.

Would be this correct? What if everyone knows the law of attraction, everyone has the power to manifest their highest desires and live exactly the way they want?

I am sure that not everyone would do the same… In fact, it would be exactly the same as it is right now, at your present situation; because everyone has the power and ability to do whatever they choose to.

Wherever you are at the moment, it is your decision and you are taking the actions followed by your mental instructions. These instructions are made from previous preconceptions of how you should behave, what are you capable of, which are your abilities and which one is your path.

If someone else tells you an example of how you should live, you would ignore it as it doesn’t come from you, and you can become rebellious towards it. Even if the advice was correct and it came for your highest good, how are you going to know?
By listening to your heart.

Ok, now you can listen to your heart at any time. Listen to its guidance…

Ask to your heart: What exactly would you love to do?
Or better else, with a present sentence: “What exactly do you love”.

You can write a list if you want, and see what those things are that you love doing, your skills for doing so, and how can you get to that point where you are doing it.

If you are doing it already, congratulations! Now I ask you, are you living like if you are on holiday?

If your answer is YES… Congratulations again!

If your answer is NO, don’t panic and trust your time. There is a synchronicity waiting for you. Follow your passion, what makes you move, and enjoy the process. Life is to live and enjoy, the future is the continuation of the present. Make time for doing what you love, start every day. The new habit gets stronger, your perception shifts. You forget the sabotaging behaviour and instead follow your bliss.

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