There are different realities coexisting at the same time to the one you are in. They are all happening simultaneously and the difference between your reality and those other parallel worlds is that the one you are inside has a smaller spectrum of possibilities; they are created from your own experience based on your patterns of behaviour. Once you realize that they no longer serve you, you can immediately open up your vision and field of opportunities to create a new one, different from before, and so you shift your reality into a new realm.

This is why they are coexisting at the same time, because even though you cannot see them, they still are waiting for you to recognise that everything that there is, is inside of you already, even if you haven’t noticed them yet.

Living simultaneously in different realities happens for a reason, and it is for you to discover that there is nothing out there that has not been created inside yourself. If you don’t remember that’s why you can no longer perceive them, because of your lack of awareness of those realities.

Your spectrum of possibilities is conditioned by a form of different realities that match each other, in a way that they connect as a net or web the ones that you resonate with are at a similar frequency level.
If other realities don’t connect to yours, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, it’s just that your vibration goes into perceiving the same reality that your mind’s program is able to reach.

If you want to experience something different from before, you have the key to it and this is your power, to discover new ways of understanding things. No one can show you the way unless you allow it to happen through your own will.

You choose what to live and perceive, maybe from a subconscious level but you took the decision although you may not remember this consciously.

Just tune to that specific frequency that you want to be in. If is a circumstance that you are aiming for (relationship, health, job, position, travel…), just feel the way it would feel like by having it already. Your vibration elevates to that frequency and so you start matching the new outcome, you just opened the door of creation.
There is only expansion and contraction, going further, spreading or coming to the source. You are the creator of your own world.