Install Python (Anaconda) on Windows

This is updated video of a previous tutorial,
  • How to download and install Anaconda on Windows
  • How to test your installation
  • How to fix common installation issues
  • What to do after installing Anaconda.

Download and Install Anaconda

Installing as administrator is for the case you don’t have permission install anaconda in the location you want or to add anaconda to your path.
If you aren’t sure which to select, choose Just Me as this can mitigate potential issues if you don’t have administrator privileges.
Your installation location can vary so keep note of where you installed anaconda. In the example image on the left, the path is similar to if you selected “Just Me” for step 4. In the example image on the right, the path is similar to if you selected “All Users” for step 4.
This is important. Consider what you are doing in this step.
If you want to learn about how to use PyCharm with Anaconda, I have an older tutorial on it here.

How to Test Your installation

Anaconda Navigator

  1. Locate Anaconda Navigator and Click on Anaconda Navigator.
Image Source:
Image Source:

Anaconda Prompt

  1. Locate Anaconda Prompt.
jupyter notebook

Add Anaconda to Path (Optional)

  1. Open a Command Prompt.
jupyter notebook
where condawhere python
Your screen may look different depending on what version of Windows you are using.

Other Common Issues

Jupyter is not recognized

EnvironmentNotWritableError: The current user does not have write permissions to the target environment. environment location: C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3

DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found




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