Insight into the different aspects of Pearl & diamond Jewellery

Diamond is a one precious stone which is liked by people from all walks of life and it acts as a symbol of luxury, passion and dignified beauty. Hardest form of diamond, it can be used to make all kinds of jewellery items. Diamonds have been around for a long time. In ancient time they were used by the high class people as a symbol of dignity and high status. But in the present day, they are so much more popular that they are worn by people for various occasions and on daily basic. Another important gemstone that has remained in the limelight for so long is the pearl. Some of the relevant points that need to be discussed are:

Diamonds and pearls are different in many aspects.

Natural Sources of diamond and Pearls

Diamonds are mainly extracted from the mines. The process of diamond formation is long one, usually of the order of several million years. They are generally formed some 140–190 KM below earth’s crust. They come close in earth’s crust during huge volcanic activities. So it makes diamonds a rare occurring and precious stone. Pearls are formed in the mussels and oyster in freshwater and saltwater. Pearls are also rare and beautiful stones.

Price Variation

Since it is really difficult to extract diamonds from the mines and the long estimated period of its formation, it is priced high as compared to other jewellery items like gold, silver. When diamonds are cleaned, polished and made fit to be sold, it looks extremely shiny with crystal clear luster. Although, the price of diamond jewellery may vary on the amount used for making a certain jewellery item. On the other hand, pearls are not that expensive. One may get good quality pearl jewellery on price as low as $5–10. So there is a huge price difference between the two jewels.


Both kind of jewels are extremely popular because of the fascinating appearance and exemplified beauty. Diamonds are mostly clubbed with other metal pieces, predominantly gold. Diamond jewellery is worn in all parts of the world with great enthusiasm. Diamonds are available in different sizes and colours. The biggest diamonds found so far are named Cullinan I and Cullinan II which are now part of Great Britain crown jewels. Pearl jewellery is also popular which is mainly used for making necklaces & bracelets.

Best source for buying jewellery

Both physical and online stores provide myriad options for buying beautiful and unique looking diamond and pearl jewellery. Online stores provide more flexibility as compared to traditional outlets. One can receive numerous deals and offers to buy the stylish and antique pieces of jewellery. Choosing jewellery online saves a lot of time as one may not have to rush to the stores.

Recent trends in the jewellery

The jewellery, which once thought to be an ornament for only high class is now popular among all classes and age groups. Gifting beautiful diamond jewellery has become a trend that is largely followed nowadays. Online marketing shops have helped in great deal for identifying most suitable jewellery items by people.


Although they are completely different, yet some of the noticeable differences have been pointed out here. One can get enough understanding about the different kind of diamonds and pearls Perth jewellery that is extremely popular. These jewels add unprecedented glory in the beauty of an individual.

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