MSCE and GES Global Cooperation Announcement

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Sep 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Mobile Ecosystem (MSCE) and Galaxy eSolutions (GES) officially launched a global strategic partnership.

Team Background Introduction

Galaxy eSolutions’ vision is to fully integrate blockchain technology and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with a marketplace platform. GES aims to resolve several pain points in the multi-billion, pre-owned and refurbished electronics industry.

On the other hand, MSCE mobile phone chain is committed to build a decentralized global mobile phone post-market service value consensus network ecosystem. MSCE is circulating digital currency which can be directly used to purchase of smart phones. The goal is to minimize high channel costs of the smart phone industry, as second-hand mobile phone pricing standards are extremely confusing. Further, product quality is generally not guaranteed, resulting in high trust costs for users in the transaction process.

More importantly, consumers are exposed against personal privacy breaches.

MSCE uses decentralized blockchain technology to code Open source, chain up data encryption and public storage, making all transaction records desensitized and open to protect the privacy of users, and ensure the uniqueness of transactions and transaction security.

The MSCE blockchain technology team is professional and has a lot experience, among of which is Zhang Qianyuan, is a blockchain engineer who graduated from the University of Florida. It only took him one day to understand smart contract knowledge.

Deng Jun, another leader of the chain, participated in mobile projects such as Starbucks, Watsons, Hong Kong Airport to name a few. He used to be a traditional Internet full-stack engineer and eventually became a professional smart contract engineer. Deng has devoted himself to the study of ETH/EOS and other public chains.

Community Resource Sharing

GES has a large number of fans in the global community. In addition to the massive users on Telegram, the GES Facebook public fan home page has 13k followers, while Twitter has 5k followers.

MSCE already has more than 10K telegram fans, 20K WeChat public followers for Chinese mainland market.

MSCE and GES will soon be strong alliances, sharing community fans, allowing both companies to get more users and higher mobility on digital assets. MSCE provides GES with a complete blockchain technology team to help GES strengthen the technical level and accelerate the development of Dapp and the physical applications!

Benefits for gifts to GES users

MSCE will officially be listed on four exchanges on September 29, 2018 at 4 pm (GMT+8):

  1. (Coin chain exchange)
  2. (Myanmar S Hongmen Group)
  3. 6X.COM (Singapore Exchange)

Users currently holding GES tokens have the option to buy 10K MSCE tokens (and should hold nor sell their tokens within 1 month).

1. After 1 month of holding the MSCE tokens, users holding GES tokens can exchange it to MSCE using a 1:1 ratio.

2. A total amount up to 20 million MSCE tokens can be exchanged in the first round.

3. Only the first 100 holders have the qualification of the exchange. The rest of the token holders may still exchange it on the next round but with a different ratio/exchange rate.

The MSCE uses got in exchange way will be deem to agree on the “1% lockout plan released daily.”

Starting 4 pm HKT on September 29, 2018, MSCE will hold the [1510 MSCE Super Gift Package] event at,, and [MSCE Project Understanding and Exam Answers to Receive 20 MSCE Candy Events]!

We strongly encourage everyone to visit the event page to participate in the free coin-collecting activities through the official announcement platform of the four major exchanges, such as twitter!

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